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Milford has come so far since I was first enamored with this quaint seaside town more than 25 years ago. It is true that there is an exorbitant amount of adult entertainment facilities in our small city. However, most of them are located in the vacinity of I-95 where the truckers can get some relief from their long hauls. Milford has a wonderful atmosphere and a fierce loyalty among longtime residents. Ignore the Ignoramous above - he's probably jealous because he is constantly losing snowboard contests to Milfordites.
Milford, CT - home of subway, bic and schick. A place of peace and tranquiity.
by SUX2BU_2 July 21, 2008
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It started out being called "Pillford" and now it's the Oxycotin capitial of the world!! It used to be a small seashore community and now it's a drug infested cess pool. The cops here are assholes also, man they love there tazers. And while we are being honest it turned into Babymommaville, you're not a cool teenager if you don't have a fatherless child. Don't get me wrong there are some nice places but those probably get robbed on a daily bascis by their drug addict children. This whole town needs to be on the A&E show Intervention.
Hey man meet me at the beach with two 80's and some blue berries, I'll bring the pot and pill crusher. Milford,Ct got to love it!!
by ssppmm September 26, 2007
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Home of many snowboard punks. Used to be a quiet seashore town until wierd bald-headed middle aged men started moving in. Home of Subway sandwich shop. The people there are kind of wierd, they call the subways, grinders.

90% of the Gross domestic spending in milford is in their strip clubs or the "boutique" located off of exit 40.
Milford, CT is where someone who can't afford to live in affluent towns such as Norwalk or Stamford lives
by leo cuban May 24, 2006
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A.K.A. Milftown, Mtown, Milf, M-Ford, CT Post (because of the huge mall), CT car dealership city, CT shopping center, is a city in New Haven County, Connecticut right between Bridgeport and New Haven but, it's tad bit closer to Bridgeport than New Haven. It is a shoreline city, known for it's beaches, the biggest truck stop in the state (Secondi Brothers Truck Stop), little industrial area by the truck stop, White Trash, and big drug usage because of the teens and truckers, also prostitution. But currently Milford is changing and the poor people have and are moving out, I know Milford got rid of some of their trailer parks and is building up more luxury houses and stores. But these homes are still cheaper than those neighboring Fairfield County. Milford has one of the best malls in CT. The Westfield Connecticut Post Mall just finished with renovations and is bigger and has more stores than before, and there is a movie theater in the mall too. It's just the where people go to shop in Southern New Haven and Eastern Fairfield Counties it is very busy on weekends.
Drive along US Route 1 in Milford, CT there is nothing but, car dealerships, stores and restaurants for 6 miles, Milford pretty much has all of the major car brands plus independently owned used car dealerships.

Also has 95, MTA Metro-North train stop, Milford Parkway which is 2.5 to 3 miles long which connects 95 to the Wilbur cross parkway better know as the Merritt Parkway or the Merritt

Robert: I'm bored...lets go to Milford/Orange!
Shawn: Alright yea we'll drive all 10 miles on RT 1 up from Stratford line to West Haven line and back
by InCTB August 01, 2011
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