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An Extremely Sexy guy who the ladies cannot resist. A person whose imperfections you know and can live with. A person who "wants" to make you happy. A person you can be totally yourself with. A person who laughs at the same things and gets your sense of humor. A person you trust to take care of you if and when you need it. I've found that person and he has to love you when you're mean, ugly, and unlovabe because he knows you love him and these are your imperfections that he can live with. And his name is Miles Merkley. You cannot match his swag.
1. "Hey do you know that kid over there?"
"Where?" (Person looks and melts) "That's Miles Merkley...

2. "Who's that sexy guy over there?"
"I can't look, he's too sexy"
by KendallJenner May 28, 2012
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