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Referred to as the mod apprentice and love child of paul mccartney and liam gallagher. One of the best performers about with the greatest wardrobe
Miles Kane is the saviour of guitar music
by LeeeB November 25, 2013
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When your girl falls asleep and you are still feeling a bit horny , you simply treat your self to a 'Miles Kane'. Which is giving your self a hand shandy with said girls hand whilst she is asleep. Just like famous Scouse musician Miles Kane is known to do.
Dave: 'did you pull last night?'
Bill: 'na, the stupid bitch fell asleep so I had to treat myself to Miles Kane'
Dave: 'Fair one!, you know what they say. Do as Miles Kane does'
Bill: 'Damn straight'
by BainseyBrains September 27, 2014
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