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Mike is the most amazing boy in the world. He’s the kind of guy who’s extremely sweet, and is a bit of a bad boy with tattoos and piercings. Mike can and will make you laugh harder than anyone else. One that if you get to know, can show you love, and give you a great time that no one else can do. Mike is a friend like no other, always putting himself second. He tries his hardest to make you happy. He gets down just like everyone else, but he always must make sure everyone around him is happy first. He is extraordinarily protective in the best of ways, which always reassures you that he loves you. Every moment of my life would be better if I could spend it with Mike. I could talk to him all day long and we’d never run out of things to say. His smile can make my day; even if it’s from across the room. I can’t imagine my life without him; it scares me more than anything. If you capture his heart, you are the luckiest girl around. Because if you want the awesome sex and realness of conversation and understanding, its a perfect match.
Look at that Mike D'Urso.
Can you please be a Mike D'Urso.
by lorimay March 01, 2010
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