The cutest couple you've ever seen. High school sweethearts that you know will last a lifetime. They're not that affectionate in public, but you'd be amazed by what goes on behind closed doors. Jovanny looks as if he's found the one for eternity, and Mikayla can't believe she's found her prince charming. Even as lovers, they seem to balance it all, from social lives to future goals.

They have the most romantic vibe, and their happiness brings joy to others.
Although they come from different backgrounds, they have found a piece of themselves within each other.

Their love is genuine, and they will last a lifetime together.
Friend 1: "Have you seen the new pictures of Mikayla and Jovanny?"

Friend 2: "Yea, oh my God, they're so in love!"
by itzlyricxl June 7, 2022
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Mikayla is an awesome person. She loves to get drunk and flirt with men on tinder. She also has an arsenal of sex toys in which she uses 8 days out of the week.
Mikayla Blanton is awesome.
by Panchoslim August 6, 2021
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a crackhead ass bitch. she’s very pretty, attracts a lot of guys and loves to parttyyyyy every weekend with her friends.
ayo you seen mikayla brito at that party the other weekend” “yea, she was wildin out!”
by raebae101 October 17, 2019
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Mikayla- the number one best person in this whole world. no one will ever compete against her. she is the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing person anyone can ask for. she is always the shoulder i cry on. she will support u in anything and will love u unconditionally. she is the sunshine everyone needs on rainy days.
person 1: hey do you know Mikayla Coulter?
person 2: omg yes shes like the best person ever!!
by nxt29 May 5, 2022
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She is on crackhead energy and she is probably light skin too, she has on glasses and she has a bestfriend group probably, she is very sweet, caring, loyal, kind of sassy, and hits your back until the end
Dee: Mikayla Jones is being a crackhead
Courtney: yea, typical Mikayla Jones
by Crispycrispyhotchicken October 10, 2021
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