biggest fake flexer you will ever meet. she thinks she’s super rich because she owns a few counterfeit handbags and passes them off as real on her instagram. she’s super materialistic and tries to act entitled and mad spoiled, but everyone sees through her shit. she lowkey does not come from a very affluent family, but she makes it a point to act like she does. her life is just one huge façade
friend 1: did you see her louis bag?
friend 2: yeah that was totally fake. she was pulling a mikayla for sure
by scps2019 September 24, 2019
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The sweetest and yet sassiest girl you'll ever meet. She is cute, with amazing hair and a strangely large bum. She loves to yell but she can also be the sweetest girl ever.
Hi, Mikayla, sup?
by Ivy Fishfoosh June 3, 2021
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A Mikayla is a person who can some time be rude even if they don't know, They are the over protective type and would defently protect you she is an awsome friend and an awsome sister. Get yourself a Mikayla now.
Random person: Dang she rude but she is a very nive person to be firends with.
Another person: Oh yeah that defently is a Mikayla
by Primogreen December 15, 2021
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Mikayla is the best friend you wish you have. She throws forks at people named “Blake” on the bus she also loves Harry Potter and is SOOO pretty her best friend is darsee who she calls darskneecap Miquel towetruck she likes saying hubbawasiics singing the abcs at lunch to annoy Blake and amanda
Blake: you see that super pretty girl over there in the Harry Potter shirt
Darsee: yeah that’s mikayla
by Ilikethrowingspoons1 July 18, 2022
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She is kinda weird, but at least she has a pretty smile.
Guy 1: Do you know Mikayla?

Guy 2: Oh yeah, she is funny ash and probably over there talking to strangers
by thatoneperson837 November 22, 2021
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Girl who is very short. She’s petty, annoying, and has zero friends.
Mikayla is so short.
by Saisijsjs November 22, 2021
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Definitely a little. Super cute tho, will love you unconditionally
That Mikayla over there, she’s definitely a little, but she’s still lovable
by Addy;) February 11, 2021
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