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Amazing. An absolutely increadible person who will always know what to say.

Someone who's an individual. An increadible friend. May seem average on the outside, but on the inside...she shines bright. Someone you will want to see everyday, and talk to all night.

Someone who's beautiful not just on the outisde. She's someone who will listen to anything you have to say, hug you when you need one, tell you when you need to be put in place, someone who will smile with you, cry with you and laugh until you...pee....

If you ever meet a Mikaela you will NEVER forget her.
She's an amazing person, just like Mikaela.
by Lauz212 October 15, 2009
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She's perfect. A fighter never starts it but never scared to finish it! She has trust issues cuz she's still broken inside but still has some hope in finding love. Doesn't care weather people like her or not. She's always a faithful friend/girlfriend. And she's the type of person that doesn't think and just does it,she's really goofy beautiful inside and out but she doesn't know that..tell her and she'll deny it I can really go on and on but you get the point she's just perfect 😩😇💚
Everybody knows Mikaela..cuz she's a cool person!
by Urssfh May 30, 2017
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A female version of borat
Her laugh is funny

Very hyper and funny person good to hang around with

likes potatoes
by Theunicornswag100 November 21, 2014
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meaning of great quality. usually used to describe someone really great or hot.
god, she is so mikaela.
by Shaela Isadora November 06, 2007
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A girl who loves Urban dictionary with her boyfriend. She's sweet, caring, smart, and constantly Horny. A Mikaela is a great girlfriend who thoughts misunderstood and constantly put down, has no real flaws of her own. A Mikaela listens to people, and is a great person.
My girlfriend is a real Mikaela.
by Ragerryan March 09, 2014
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Mikaela is a hot girl who likes to party. a.k.a a ballaholic, she's got money to blow-a-ow and loves to drink. Mikaela is also another word for cool.. because she's so cool they named cool after her. Mikaela is a sexy mother fucker, who you shouldn't mess with. ever, serisoulsy..
mikaela is such a ballla, don't even try to mess with her, she'll take a metal bat to your fuckin' head kid
by phil wennick April 03, 2010
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