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Sort of like an alcohol hangover, except it is not caused by inebriation. Also known as postdrome. The end result of a migraine, it usually presents with a general feeling of tiredness, feeling bad all over, altered sensitivity to light and sound, sometimes accompanied by a sensation of having had a hot iron pressed to one's head or a troop of angry elephants ride on top of it. Best advice: rest and medication as prescribed by your doctor.
Dude # 1: Man, what's wrong with you?
Dude # 2: Migraine hangover. Feel like vomit.
Dude # 1: Partied hard last night, dude.
Dude #2: Nothing like that. M-i-g-r-a-i-n-e. That's what gave me this.
by OldEditor February 23, 2018
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