A liar he like to do drugs. He can be super mean sometimes (I mean all the time)
Micheal is dumb
by Uglygayman July 4, 2019
Micheal is gay
by Flshx007 October 17, 2019
A Short Man That's Trya To Be Better Than His Friends,Hes Kind And Hes Cool
Hey Micheal
Yo what man
by Xzol March 31, 2018
a raging dumb noob at fortnite who dosnt know how to bulid and has ligma
by marzahs May 3, 2019
He looks like a horror movie character, but sexy. You know you want him.
Dang, did you see Micheal today? He is looking like sexy pennywise!!!
by Paula Reed November 2, 2019
Has a monster cock, he will be the best baby daddy EVER. Hes like really tall and kinda not cute but he is nice or whatever.
Micheal: Damn girl u thicc
Person: stop you'll make me blush
by tittysucker69eatmybutt March 14, 2018
A dumb ass Ching Chong who thinks he's funny but just asks for your homework in the end. Also extremely ahi at basketball and thinks he's the next Yoa Ming.
Micheal Hsu is a stupid Asian
by Jewish asians August 28, 2017