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The main character of the T.V. show Burn Notice, Michael is the only man other than Leroy Jethro Gibbs (and possibly Bruce Lee) that is stronger than Chuck Norris. Michael is the ultimate spy, and is what you get when you fuse Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Macgyver. Michael is literally unkillable, as nothing can cause him serious injury; he's been shot, beaten, stabbed, burnt, blown up, and even dropped from a helicopter into the Atlantic Ocean five miles from any land.

Abused as a child by his father, Michael eventually enlisted in the U.S. Army before becoming a secret agent. Michael became the most successful agent in the history of the United States before being betrayed, framed, and blacklisted (a.k.a. "burned"). Isolated in Miami, Michael has enlisted the help of his ex-IRA ex-girlfriend Fiona Glenanne and his Navy SEAL buddy Sam Axe in finding out who framed Michael and why.
Michael is extremely versatile, able to create a surveillance device out of a cheap cell phone and a flashbang grenade out of stuff found at a hardware store. He can destroy a car with a coffee can and take on a small army of Russian Special Forces agents with nothing but a handgun... and win.
"Back in my Russian Special Forces days, we used to tell the new agents "Michael Westen stories" to scare them. We always thought "Michael Westen" was a group of people because we didn't think one man alone could cause so much trouble." -Oleg, Michael's Russian landlord
by ItsANinjaBehindYou October 11, 2009
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