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1. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge who heroically ordered Paris Hilton back to jail for probation violation and made her cry like the irresponsible, immature, vacuous, and spoiled whore she truly is. He is also a nominee and virtual shoe-in for the upcoming Ruler of Earth elections.

2. The act of executing a maneuver designed to own, burn, diss, humiliate, serve, etc an individual in an emotionally incisive manner with the intent to cause shame, embarrassment and loss of social standing. The act of giving someone their just deserts, their comeuppance. Bonus points are awarded for higher degrees of extravagance, public awareness, opportune timing, and justice delivered.
1. "Man, Michael Sauer is a great guy - he really gave that spoiled bitch Paris Hilton what she deserved! This just goes to show you that deep pockets and a deep throat can't always bail you out of a situation that is 'too hard' and 'too demeaning for a heiress'"

2. "Dang, girl! He just pulled a Michael Sauer on yo ass! You is so burned!"
by Crescendo June 09, 2007
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A great hero to the people of not only america, but Earth. The judge that sentenced Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail.
Michael Sauer is awesome.
by Adrian June 08, 2007
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