Michael M is a very hot and social guy. He has many friends and people love to be around him. Michael M is one of the popular guys a jock but he isn’t full of himself like some of them are. He is usually on the football team and would date a cheerleader. All the girls love to be around him and even if they don’t show it every girl is secretly in love with him. Don’t miss your chance with him, he is a great guy all around and any person would be lucky to have him in their life.
“Omg look it’s Michael M, lets go talk to him”

“Look, Look, Look, It’s Michael M. He is so hot”
by GD. November 3, 2017
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When your dick is so thiccc you make your wife/girlfriend pass out the second you enter her rectum.
Dude, I thought I killed my wife when we had anal

Oh shit son, you gave her the Michael M
by Swivel mi timbers November 21, 2020
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Definitely one of the cutest boys ever period. So sweet and caring. Most of all knows how to treat a girl, and is faithful. Has one of the cutest smiles ever and is literally the greatest person to be around with. One of the best person to ever vibe with. 🥺
Damn, is that Michael Moua?! 🥵
by badbaby😩 November 7, 2019
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