An individual who played through an era of out of prime players, and unskilled rookies. Although, for some reason he receives praise for his perfect finals record even though none of the teams that he played would be a #7 seed in today's game.
Mike: Hey I beat my 2 year old son in a 1v1
Me: lol, you are such a Michael Jordan.
by LeBron Es La Cabra July 11, 2017
He is a great NBA player, but he is the most overrated player in NBA history, with LeBron James, who's also great, as the second most overrated player in NBA history. When people talk about the GOAT, they mostly goat go Mwith one of them, but in reality it is either Wilt Chamberlain or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and with Bill Russell being the 3rd greatest player of all time. I mean sure, the six championships are an impressive accomplishment, as are the six finals MVPs, but they weren't exactly against great teams, but they weren't bad, either.
Michael Jordan does NOT walk on water, despite what Jordansexuals think that he does.
by PhoenixGamer34 August 24, 2022
The man that look like his own creation of his own shoes
Michael Jordan fan: Hey mike, i have a question that i've been dying to ask you.

Michael Jordan: What is the question?

Michael Jordan fan: Why do you look like your shoes?

*Michael Jordan gives that crying Michael Jordan meme*
by Roaster23 January 9, 2017
President of America england very nice 👍
Also he is Niger
Michael Jordan
by NIGGERSareSoGAYYY February 3, 2022