One of the most beautiful souls to ever grace planet earth.
Were you lucky enough to be in the presence of Michael Jackson?
by Sparkmynature September 17, 2017
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A talented man who with his God-given talents conquered the world.

Acc. to NME, BBC, CNN, BET News, The Mirror, Irish Mirror, People Magazine, USA Today, Glamour Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Times Of India, Newsweek, MTV News, Michael Jackson is the biggest superstar on earth.

He hold the guinness world record of being the Most Successful Entertainer of all time. He is also the most famous person of all time, and the best dancer ever.
Michael Jackson is the world's biggest superstar and his fan following exceeds more than 4.8 billion
by grotesqueb4ureyes September 2, 2017
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The only guy who can walk into a 1920's brothel/gang hangout and get everyone dancing.
by Ogg Vorbis July 27, 2010
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Hmm.. where should I start??

The King of Pop
Pop Music Icon
Record in the Guiness Book of World Records as most money spent to charities
The family that accused Michael Jackson of molesting their child admitted that they only did it for money
Michael Jackson was and will be the most talented entertainer in the world
Unfortunately, lots of people today are brainwashed by The Media and believe every little lie they come up with
Most of the world sees Michael Jackson as the real, talented, fun, loving, innocent guy he really is while the rest see him as what The Media, or what I like to call them, "The Lies" sees him as....
He died June 25, 2009, a day after my birthday.
He will never be forgotten....
R.I.P. Michael Jackson <3
Michael Jackson: If you wanna make the world a better place, then take a look at yourself and make a change

by MissKayla July 18, 2009
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Born on August, 29 1958 in Gary, Indiana in a family of 9 children with whom he formed a band called the Jackson 5 at the age of 6 he became famous during the motown golden years with hist such as "i want you back", "i'll be there".
Michael, the singer and most talented dancer of the band, started a solo career with his first album "off the wall" followed by "thriller" produced by Quincy Jones which sold 60 million units worldwide. He was also the first black entertainer to appear on TV and was a pioneer in terms of image, inventing the videoclip, that along with his famous dance step "the moonwalk" durin a performance of "billie jean" made him the most famous entertainer of all time. He released other albums such as "bad", "dangerous" and "HIStory" which were also very popular. Overall, he sold about 100 million albums throughout the world and earned the title "king of pop".
Nevertheless, the media crucified him using his peter pan image, he also faced many rumours about his constant physical appearance changes which were in fact due to serious diseases.
More controversial are the recent allegations of mmolesting a child resulting in a general bashing shadowing the humanitarian award he received in 2003 for giving more than 50,000,000$ to caritative foundations.
He will remain the most famous, talented, genuine and also the most misunderstood artist of the century.
"black or white", "scream", "thriller", "billie jean", "man in the mirror", "they don't care about us", "we are the world", "heal the world", "don't stop till you get enough", "ghosts", "blood on the dance floor", "you rock my world", "we've had enough"
by pixiedust June 3, 2005
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The King Of Pop.
He invented the "Moon Walk" dance move.

Born; August 29th 1958
Died; June 25th 2009
Michael Jackson died? I can't believe this, he was the King Of Pop music.
by RebeccaMills June 28, 2009
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