My pal lives with his uncle who is married - his vacation is spending a few weeks M.I.A.
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Mia needs a drastic change in circumstances now. She believes she is worthy of a beautiful life. Please bless Mia. In all ways. Materially spiritually emotionally.
Mia is ready. Uplift with her.
by Freeasabird January 05, 2020
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Mia is so nice! but can be a little shy around people she likes but she could talk to her friends for hours on end about lush bath bombs.
How many Bathbombs do think Mia has?

Probably has a whole lush in her bedroom.
by JJ.wts November 02, 2017
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She's doesn't have many friends but the ones she keeps she holds tight. She isn't great with super emotional thing and touchy moments. She is the most sarcastic person you will ever meet in the most lowkey way imaginable. She never unironically compliments herself. She knows she's a little weird sometimes and she's ok with that. She's someone you could have a conversation for years with and never stop once. She doesn't rush into relationships but once she's fallen for you she really does. She is the best friend in all the worlds and you will have a million inside jokes and she'll remember every single one of them.
Mia: ahhh yess the floor here is completely not made out of floor
by MR_WORLDWIDE May 29, 2020
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Mia is a beautiful girl who attracts the boys she’s also kind, gorgeous, and has a perfect body. She could be crazy at times but she’s always there for you. She loves sweets and has a good sense of humor.
mia is the life of the party ❤️
by 4kbriii June 08, 2020
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