Mia is a wonderful girl. She's beatiful and usually has very pretty eyes and a beautiful smile . She has a one-of-a-kind personality. She's very funny and a bit crazy at times, but you will love her. She has a tendency to be bad at maintaining a relationship because of her past relationships. But when she loves someone, she will give her all to that person. She is a very fragile person, who gets hurt very easily. So be careful. She tends too be very sarcastic, but not to the point where she's rude. But she's a very sweet person as well. Mia can have bad self esteem issues, so she rarely accepts compliments because she doesn't believe them..She doesn't realize her real inner and outer beauty. But if you ever have a Mia of your own, be very thankful. She will give you everything she has to make you happy.
Guy: hey is that Mia?

Girl: yeah she’s cool
by Jellybeanguy12 June 01, 2020
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Mia's usually have curly hair and beautiful eyes. Mia's are very nice and kind but hard to keep secrets from her. Even when you think you have a secret kept from her she always knows. Mia's are often are very mysterious & curious people. Her thighs are soft and big. Mia's are also VERYY smart. When they are in love they tend to be shy but you should always hug her and maybe flirt with her and get physical. Mia's also tend to like it rough. Take care of your Mia. She's one of a kind.
Person 1: look at that Mia!
Person 2: yeah she looks like she has #big thighs.
Person 1: go flirt with her!
Person 2: I will! (;
by Sabastion_clouuuut.com January 12, 2019
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