water found in most mexican towns will cause problems for gringos!
You must eat Mucho chile peppers when in Old Mexico it Kill the bugs in mexican water. Downside is: U know it hurts when it comes out! Oh yoy yoy comasita shamanitia es muy hot-a-leta !!!
by itichie_nocanpoo June 09, 2006
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Any beer from mexico tastes like water. Mexicans can't make beer. Hence it is mexican water. It is made by poor mexicans pissing in beer bottles.
Hey lets drink some water, mexican water.
by tomas agusto a melano July 07, 2010
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Pure liquid, burning, explosive diarrhea.

Induced from poor dietary choices, booze benders or actually consuming Mexican tap water while on vacation in Cancun.
How was your vacation to Mexico? Great until the Mexican water drops hit. I spent half the week on the shitter.

Partying till 2 am and late night Taco Bell is guaranteed Mexican water drops.
by Eaton Holgoode February 14, 2018
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Shitting into a condom, tying it off and beating someone with it.
She pissed me off so much, I slapped her with a mexican water balloon while she was sleeping.
by omega man 72 January 14, 2017
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A beverage consisting of 1 part Corona, 1 part mule piss, and a generous portion of tequila. Serve in a quart glass, rimmed with cocaine and a wedge of sod.
The tradition of rimming the glass with cocaine began as a trick by bartenders so as to counteract the effects of the massive amounts of alcohol in the Mexican Tap Water. The cocaine would keep the customer from passing out, allowing him or her to keep drinking.
by MurphyMonster April 16, 2015
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