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Similar to to the Mexican Wave, the Mexican Yawn is the inevitable ripple of yawns through a group of people proceeding after witnessing the first "source yawn". The source yawn must be seen and heard in order to have maximum effect.
Dave, having only slept for 3 hours that night, kept starting the the Mexican Yawn during our office meeting.
by On_nO May 14, 2010
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When an infectious yawn passes from person to person along a line or through a group, until everyone has yawned in sequence. Like a Mexican wave - but with yawning. Extra points awarded if the original yawner is triggered again.
Operative 1: Dude, the Boss's team briefing was sooo boring today that Kevin started yawning his head off. Jill caught it from him, and she passed it to Randall, and pretty soon it had run right round the table back to Kevin.

Operative 2: Mexican yawn, dude.
by TheNix August 22, 2009
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