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Used in a similar context to "Jury Rig", although more common in areas with a significant population of Mexican immigrants to describe a sometimes comically low-tech, but nevertheless effective method of fixing or building something. Often characterized by quick fixes that can cause new problems, which are them quick-fixed and so on.
The car's doors were different colors, The mirrors had been duct taped back on, and the body had been welded together in several places. I doubted the car had been serviced in 10 years, but somehow kept going thanks to Mexican Science.

We didn't have a recording studio, so we recorded by jacking our amps into a mixer and recording onto the audio track of a VCR. (A scenario which can be described as Mexican Science)
by Garboth May 22, 2008
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Ancient form of fixing anything by wrapping it with duct tape,adding extra twigs from a dead tree, and squeezing lemon juice all over it. Can also cure cuts and abrasions. If you add hot pepper to it and drink it sans tape and twigs it becomes mexican medicine.
Yo man Crispin cut off his pinky. Nothin Antonio cant cure with some mexican science.
by chapi January 13, 2008
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