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A homosexual four-way involving two Mexican men on the outside, and a black guy and a white guy in between.
Dude. Juan and Pedro had a Mexican S'more for dessert last night. If you know what I mean.
by Brutalism May 20, 2010
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After banging a black chick w no rubber, stuff a graham cracker in her snatch and have dessert. Enjoy.
Guy 1: I was so horngry this morning I made breakfast in bed

Guy 2: How does that solve being horny?

Guy 1: Shakila spent the night last night, she let me make Mexican s'mores.
by ItsDaPoleece December 27, 2013
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Take the girl to taco bell, so that a few hours later she will have diarrhea. When she begins to shit, you fuck her in the ass, and then cum. She then shits on a graham cracker and proceeds to eat it
Tom: "Hey fam, did you tap dat ass yesterday?"
Joey: "Yeah! Trisha and I made a Mexican s'more last night"
Tom: "How did it taste?
Joey: "Shitty, but spicy like taco bell"
by The Pocket Pussy September 05, 2016
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