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Usually lives 20 - 30 miles outside of a medium to large metropolitan city. They're culture includes pointy boots, mobile homes, lifted trucks blaring regional mexican music to a decibel level beyond the threshold of the average human being. They proudly display multiple flags in their front yard, camp or mobile home that are largely made up of the Mexican Flag, the dixie flag, an American Flag & a dallas cowboys flag. Additionally Mexican Hillbilly consume massive quantities of alocohol and usually smoke copius amounts of reefer. you can find them bar hopping in packs looking for a good ol' southern girl to impregnate.
Bro. ? Check out this guy yo . . . . . . . . . . he's got those pointy boots on and dancing with that hot look'n red head. Dude ! I know that guy ! . . . . . . . . .. he's that Mexican Hillbilly that's in that in that mariachi morrissey tribute band. Dude plays the big ass bass guitar thing man. He's bad Ass too !!!!!!
by outlaw josie whales January 09, 2017
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