A band who was at one time an untouchable juggernaut in the metal and rock music world. They released 4 straight albums that are widely considered to be some of the greatest heavy metal records ever. Than came 1991. And downhill they went. They cut their hair short and wore eyeliner. They played drums on a tin can. And last but not least, they did a collaboration with Lou Reed.....

Metallica is James Hetfield on vocals and rhythm guitar, Kirk Hammett on lead guitar, Rob Trujillo on bass, and Lars Ulrich on drums. Past members include the legendary Clifford Lee Burton (R.I.P) , Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine, and Jason Newstedt.
"Hey you like metal? I like some Metallica too, man!"

"Oh, that's cool. What's your favorite album"

"Black Album!!"

by jugulargoliath August 24, 2012
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80s metal band. Thank god Cliff Burton died or they never would've given up.

See also shit, crap, and gay.
When we were browsing through the CD store, Jack found some CD by Metallica in the shitty-ass-metal section. The section was full of cobwebs, shit, and kids with Master-Of-Puppets T-shirts.
by Chris May 06, 2005
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Metallica, The kings of Metal and clearly better than rival band Megadeath
Metallica is better than Megadeath
by Superchunky530 March 08, 2021
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One of the greatest American heavy metal bands of all time. Frequently seen written on the t-shirts of people who know nothing about Metallica.
Person 1: Nice Metallica shirt, what's your favorite album?
Person 2: My favorite what?
Person 1: Your favorite album from Metallica.
Person 2: ...
Person 1: The band?
Person 2: ...
Person 1: "EXIT LIGHT?" -plays air guitar-
Person 2: I... think I should go...
Person 1: -walks away backwards- YOU ARE THE UNFORGIVEN
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by Jack, yep that one August 23, 2019
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