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Worst Comunity in an Game Ever
Worser then all cod

the biggest retards on the EU server
Solid007 : ugly retard with big nosetrills
REDWINGS : some fucking german fag who rigged a tourney for some headphones
C4RN1F3X : worst racist ever
Chris-C : ugly ginger who hates blacks
Malaria : some guy who got fucked by his parents
Z0NE : Some New school fag who thinks hes the best
MFDoom : some 28 year old who plays MGO
Lost Cause : some Racist serbian
-ACID- : Some aborting gay
TSO_ : some guy who thinks hes keng
Blue Loepard : some guy who pretends to be an girl but is an fat sad act
epic : n3isch Sloth who payed 259 to kekleons for AA+
TsInDaukse : some guy who thinks hes the best sniper eu even tho hes shit
-Torndosnake- : ex-glitcher who likes to ruin gp
xHannan-Shadow : has to boost his kd after every surv
Merkent : an ugly teenager with bracelets
PBO : a group of ugly spains who are shit
Guy 1 : HEY m8
guy 2 : sup
Guy 3 : lol u both are shit jews

Guy 1 : why ?
Guy2 : CUZ ITS THA Metal Gear Online Community
by +TL- August 24, 2011
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