Spanish slang for the best, the top, the greatest. Can also be can be used to refer to a leader of a group. can also say mera mera when refering to a femenim subject.
there was no way to talk to the Don, he was the mero mero of the gang, always surrounded by his thugs.

K-paz are the mero mero of el pasito duranguense!!!!!!!

**kpaz= musical group, durangense, a type of spanish music
by Biana September 19, 2007
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Spanish slang, literal translation: The Boss of Bosses. Actual usage is intended to infer something or someone is the very best, often with braggadocio.
"Yo soy el mero mero"; I am the top dog, the best.

"Oy abuelita! These pancakes are el mero mero!"

"Our canned menudo is el mero mero!"
by Akimbojoe December 30, 2017
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AKA The Limosine Man.Upcomming Rap Superstar born in TJ,crossed illegaly over to Cali.Singles include the Limosine Song,Pro Din Bam Dong and Bill Bill.
Limousine Song: When I was in the limousine the man who was driving kicked me out the limousine and then I stayed there...I was in the ranch of the north everybody told me that nobody was gonna tell me,oh i was confused!!!
...El Mero Mero Tijuanero the Limousine Man!!!
by RaiderFan4Ever June 25, 2008
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