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A high school located in Cncinnati Ohio filled with hot sexy wolves. Mercy McAuley girls are the hottest girls you will ever meet. Most are straight up and down to earth while others are fake. It’s a mix situation but all of the girls pull guys even though they’re too independent for them. Most of the girls didn’t want to go but had no choice because of the merge. They’re the only girls that can pull off orange and gray and not look like a pumpkin. Their fall dance is definitely going to be a good time.
Guy 1: Hey did you see those Mercy McAuley girls at the mixer?

Guy 2: Ya dude those girls make me howlllllllll

Guy 1: Mercy McAuley High School is the move
by highschoolwoohoo August 14, 2018
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A school of amazing strong females 💪🏻

They are independent and they need NO MAN but if they chose so he usually is an amazing guy😉

These Girls rock the color orange even though it’s the worst color on the color wheel (they didn’t have a choice)

They are great people and everyone wants to be one!

All guys and girls want to get with the Mercy McAuley girl!

They are catholic beauties.

So if you are wondering if you want to be with them? You definitely do!

They are also the most badass in the whole world and could kick you on your ass I’d you disrespected them or their friends!

They are also very smart and could woop y’alls asses right off of first spot in the year and out of any scholarship.
Guy 1: Hey did you see those 2 girls walking down the street? One of them was so hot!

Guy 2: Oh yeah dude, she was totally a Mercy McAuley girl!
Guy 1: Oh really? So hot!!! And mercy girls are really smart!
Guy 2: Yeah but the girl with her was a seton girl you might want to stay away from her

Guy 1: heard they were sluts!

Guy 2: yeah we definitely need to sick with those Mercy McAuley high school girls!
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