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1.) Another term for Mentally retarded, slow, challenged, disabled, handicapped, impaired, etc..

2.) A term to describe someone with a mental handicap with a diminished mental capacity of a child or severe learning disabilities.

3.) A term to describe someone who's mentally handicapped!

4.) A term to describe the characteristics of a person with intellectual disabilities; one who thinks and process information differently and unable to process typical language and verbal communication.

5.) A term to describe a developmentally disabled person with a kid in an adult's body.

6.) A Full Retard.

7.) An adult with the mind of a child.

8.) A reference to a young child under age 10 who can't understand and analyze information spoken by adults, and someone with mental disabilities with that mind.

9.) A term to describe someone with subnormal IQs and limited intelligence and understanding.
Matt: "In my psychology class, we had to talk about people with mental disabilities! It was SOOO CRAZY! We even watched I AM SAM in the class..."

Eric: "Dude! What the fuck! Hold on! You've gotta be kidding me! Are you talking about that Sean Penn film where he kicks ass as a retarded father? GET OUT MAN!"

Matt: "Well, he's beyond retarded! He's soooo mentally too young! He's a fucking kid in a man's body! There is no way he could raise a fucking kid and live on his own!"
by King Billy Bob February 24, 2010
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