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What Joe Biden obviously suffers from. Some people say that he has declined with age, but this is only half true, because the truth is that Joey was always a bit slow.
Guy1: Yo I think Joe Biden has the mental retardation.
Guy2: Duh?
by Icy Wyte June 30, 2022
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everyone in my art class
they wont shut up
Me: My art class are all affected with mental retardation
by drunkenmidget March 14, 2022
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Hello I am a pro-choicer and I believe that a woman has the right to choose if she wants to murder her baby, I have the highest form of mental retardation known to man.
by Let's go Brandon, I agree July 15, 2022
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99% of all liberals in 2022. The kind of stupidity that is an insult to intelligence itself.
Most liberals today are fucking mentally retarded, ya dig? In fact, I bet a liberal will be offended that I used the word retarded like this, yet they are for the murder of unborn babies!
by Cornpop was a bad dude July 25, 2022
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Joe Biden supporters
Hi I'm a Joe Biden supporter and I believe that he won the election fairly and that he is the most popular president in history who got over 81 million votes, I have the highest form of mental retardation known to man, orange man bad!
by Icy Wyte July 25, 2022
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Guy 1:Damn bro you are kinda acting like a, Bismarck
Guy 2:What does that mean bro?
Guy 1:It means you have, Mental Retardation
by Average retarded autist August 2, 2021
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when smoking weed, the point at which one gets so high that he/she resembles somebody with some kind of mental retardation. Characteristics include flailing arms at nothing, yelling/screaming at nothing, profound uncontrollable laughter. there is no specified amount that one has to smoke in order to achieve this state of mind because everyone's tolerance is different. everybody expresses their point of mental retardation differently, but it's usually easy to tell when one has reached the point of mental retardation. in conversation, this phrase is typically abbreviated to 'PMR.'
Zach: *hits bong*
Joey: *hits bong*
Will: oh damn, is he at the point of mental retardation?
Joey: yupp
Will: shit, should we put him outside or something?
Joey: there's cops rolling around the neighborhood.
Will: oh right
by Delta5plus4 July 21, 2010
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