Something you "store" memories in when a friend has said something stupid or pointless.
That's great; I'll put that in my mental rolodex so I can blog about it later
by uknow_that_1_guy June 30, 2010
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A term derivative from the manually revolving name index found on most peoples desks from the 1970s through the times of smartphones. The term "Mental Rolodex" refers to an individual's (usually of the male gender) ability to store mental picture or scene of an encounter with a woman to use later to recreate ,re-adapt, or fabricate into a sexual scene in the mind which commonly leads to sexual orgasm by masturbatory means.
A man sees an attractive lady walking out through the aisles of grocery store. She says, "Excuse me." while reaching for the Pop Tarts, and walks off. The man goes home, and accesses his mental rolodex, which replays the encounter but this time the woman is wearing a tight dress and heels, and as she reached for the Pop Tarts, she looks at him and says "I wish you would pop-my-tart", and they start making out wildly and one thing leads to another and the next thing he knows there's jizz all over his right hand.

NOTE: The mental rolodex completely shuts off at the point of sexual climax...until another situation occurs.
jackoff hook-up masturbate false encounter tinder-wishing
by TheRealSimonSays August 27, 2015
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A group or random collection of past events that a dumbass female will use against a man while engaged in an arguement to attempt to make said man feel as shitty as humanly possible. Even though majority of these said events at the present time are outdated and no longer apply to the current conversation.
My wife flipped through her Mental Rolodex to give me shit during an arguement by telling me that I should have married my Ex-girlfriend knowing damn well that cunt cheated on me.
by Women are fucking pointless March 31, 2010
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