the hypothetical unit of cultural information inherited, used and transmitted by a person
A meme brings out your personality.
by Dr. ENT June 24, 2018
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A repeatable and contagious exercise of wit, expressed in context through an adaptable template, to convey a humurous or quirky message within a specific cultural reference.
Memes are the pulp fiction of the new millenium.
by MrCopacetic April 10, 2018
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Memes are the all powerful life source of every teen or gamer in the world. No human being under 25 can simply resist looking at 1 meme a day. Although memes may empower us, they can also takeover, with you being stuck in an endless 24 hour cycle looking at them. A meme can be anything, it can be your cat, or your drunk sibling. The best part of memes, they are created by anyone ( including you ) in the world
Ex 1:
Teen: Yo! I'm looking at some new memes bro!

Gamer: Dude, careful not to get sucked into the meme vortex.

Teen (24 hours later): Lol! that meme is hilarious! Check it out du- Hey? Where'd you go?

Ex 2:

Brother 1: Bro, I'm going to make a meme today.

Brother 2: Careful dude, with great power comes great responsimemeity.

Brother 1 (2 minutes later): Um... bro. I just made a meme 2 minutes ago and it has 69,000 views already.
by GoodDefinitions June 12, 2017
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the only thing that keeps me going
person 1: you like memes
person 2: can someone not like memes?
by frommygreen1 October 25, 2018
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