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The fakest bitch you'll ever meet! Attends school in Mission Viejo, California.

Fools most helpless humans into believing she is a kind, sweet, caring, and wonderful girl. But she's cruel to select people and tries to brainwash her friends into thinking she's innocent and those select people she despises for no reason are guilty and trying to bother her! Wants her friends to turn against these people when they are in fact the victims of her cruelty! Acts like a sweet girl to her friends so they think her heart is pure and beautiful when really she's heartless!

Usually can be heard talking about drugs and people she hates with her closest friends!
Cocky and thinks she's all cool when she yells comments during formal banquets when really she sounds like complete shit!
Enjoys hypnotizing guys into loving her despite the fact she's a total fraud and bitch!

An ugly ass bitch
Who won't keep her big mouth shut
When nobody cares!
"She can fucking tell Mr.Haro for all I care!"
"OH MY GOD! That bitch is such a Mellanie De Leon!"

"Are you OK?"
"That bitch over there kept calling me a slut and a whore!"
"She must be a Mellanie De Leon!"
by BlackHairCape July 02, 2018
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