an amazing girl, super pretty, gorgeous, BEAUTIFUL
tends to fall for assholes,

could have any guy but she doesn't know it,
has problems admitting her true feelings towards others,
tends to be in denial at times, could be depressed at times,
but most of the time she is super outgoing,really nice and very talkative
many guys think about seducing her but she can only kiss guys she likes, so if she doesn't like you like that.. good luck getting a peck out of her
shes scared of commitment, rejection, the truth and love
shes scared to fall in love even when shes already in love
she also tends to overthink things, and cant make up her mind wether to blame herself or him...she usually takes the blame in the end
guy 1: wow!! melissa is so pretty
guy 2: i know!! i use to like her.. but i didn't think she would go out with me, like come on she could go out with any guy, why go out with me?

guy 1: thats exactly why i didn't ask her out
by ughhhlove December 27, 2009
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A really cool girl who is absolutely beautiful inside and out. She is strong, smart, and isn't all girly. She has so many friends, and she is kind, funny,

forgiving, and hard to stay in a fight with. She loves life and she is a dare devil and is always up for trying new things. Any guy would be so lucky to have her. She isn't scared of many things, and will do almost everything she wants to try. Melissa's are lots of the time blonde.
Dude: who is that sexy smart girl in our math class?
Dude 2: that's melissa.
by Thanachlia11 May 28, 2014
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the most loyal friend you will ever have. some would call a girl like this radical and moody but she is strong willed and independent and will stand up for anyone she loves and believes in. abuse her loyalty, kindness, love and sincerity and risk losing her forever. if you stay true, a melissa will have your back til the end of time.
guy 1: "i cant tell if that girl is just really cool or a bitch!"

guy 2: "dude, shes a melissa."

guy 1: "ooooh"
by howdoulikemenow August 22, 2011
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In ancient mythology, she was the "Queen Bee Goddess" and she looked after all women. She is a strong, confident female who posseses great leadership skills. Usually popular, a Melissa creates the strongest bonds with only a select few who she deems worth her time. And her time is precious indeed. With her stunning beauty and sing-song voice, a Melissa knows how to captivate her audience. A Melissa is a true friend and a passionate lover. She is loyal to the end. Once you date a Melissa, all other women seem dull and lifeless. With her passion and ambition, a Melissa can do anything she puts her mind to
Im dating a Melissa!

No way! How'd you manage that?

It definately wasn't easy! She sure won't settle for anything less than the best.
by AlphaGirll July 30, 2012
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The most amazing thing that could happen to a guy, a breath of fresh air that will change a guy's life forever, the guy that gets her is 1 super lucky dude that will cherish her forever. A girl that everyone likes. A girl that that stops time when u see her through a crowd. A girl that needs to stretch more. T.I.P Melissa (";)
Damn dude that’s the girl that I want!
You wish u could get Melissa B
Yeah, I do! *wishing really hard*


No problem, it’d be my pleasure!
by monkeyness February 05, 2010
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1.A woman of such intelligence, beauty, sensuality, and character that one is moved to write poetry, get physically fit, and take personal risks with pleasing her as the only goal.

2. A muse
I met a wonderful woman. With my luck, she's probably someone else's Melissa.
by Veronica's Robbie February 10, 2010
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