Megans have many secrets to hide that are hard to tell. They try to find a way to let their friends know what is going on.
Megans usually have amazingly beautiful eyes (blue or green). One could get lost in her eyes forever, and never want to escape.
Even if they are going through a hard time, Megans will always lend a helping hand and will listen to your troubles and/or problems.
They dispise drama, but sometimes find a way of getting sucked into it.

Megans are beautiful on the inside and out, yet never really realize their true beauty.
Melissa: Megan, you look great today!
Megan: ...No I don't. *sigh*
by gottchess December 27, 2009
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Megan. When you see a girl named Megan, you do not completely reject it. You don't know if she's a nice person, but if you happen to approach her, you find that she is insecure. Shy, sweet. The more you know here, the prettier she gets. She's a loner, but secretly longs for faithful friends. Her ideal boyfriend would be shy, geeky, and sweet. Like her. She doesn't care about looks, and sometimes can be a total loser. But if you see only that, you are sadly mistaken. She's out of the ordinary, funny as a friend, and fights for her rights.
The ideal pseudonym for Megan is “nerdquirks”, but she's sweeter than you think.
by elsewhereinabox February 20, 2015
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A Megan is the funniest, nicest person you'll ever meet. They're always there for you and they always make you feel like a god. They'll hold your hand and laugh at your jokes (funny or not). They have the best sense of humor (laughing at random things like squeaky tables, chucks, and even axe murders). They're great to have by your side (especially if your a guy) and often times, A Megan will go great With a Chris.
Example: My Megan
by Tim ;) February 12, 2010
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a sexually frustrated girl, that wants bare sex all the time. often she entices her lover by ringing a bell, that is specifically designed to inform her partner she is 'gagging for it'.
wow babe, you're really horny tonight, you are so megan!
by thedefintiongaldem February 13, 2011
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My girl by the Red River shores... Nothing else matters to me at the end of the day but her happiness. When I die, my spirit will rest with her ever after.
When my Megan lies on top of me, I feel complete. Nothing else matters.
by him27twentyseven October 25, 2014
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