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Megan's are delightful creatures that love anime and other things related to Japan. Megan's will be there for you, no matter what!! They are very loyal and hold all of your secrets. They love animals and online gaming. A Megan will take you to McDonald's in the middle of the night when you don't have any cash. A Megan may or may not be facsinated with the moon enough to text you in the middle of the night to witness it. They are absolutely the best friends to have in the world.
Sara: I love Megan, she is the best!!

Luke: I know!! Did she tell you how cool the moon was last night??

Sara: Yeah, she woke me with McDonald's and Call of Duty. It was worth it!!
by sarafantastic November 09, 2010
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Megans are beast and so fucking funny. If you ever meet one, you can tell because they are damn sexy and hott as hell. Don't ever get a Megan mad, because they came be bitchy when they want to. YOU WILL FUCKING LOVE HER <3
She so has a Megan personality and looks! Damn that girl is as sexy as any Megan!
by vickieboo:) June 15, 2011
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small grimlin that runs around screeching and breaking things. a very annoying creature that fucks with everything. usually ends up crying and yelling. frequently seen attacking guidos and stealing their manhood.
dude, i think we have to call the exterminator...

why whats up?

I just saw a megan run down the hallway. i'm not fucking with it.

i say we move.
by Gerald Masterson November 11, 2009
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Noun. Verb. Adjective.

A blonde who is always smiling and silently laughs at everything, including pain. She is the best friend a girl can have and is as crazy as a giant monkey ape in New York City on New Years Eve drinking vodka.
EX 1: She is such a megan. Rules do not exist in her world, only her rules which include doing whatever she wants like playing elevator tag in a hotel at 1 am even after the manager tells her to stop and threatens to call the cops.

EX 2: She is megan cool. She bought me the shoes i wanted forever for my birthday!

EX 3: During gym today, she meganed out. After this dude got pantsed, she would not stop laughing!!
by B.M.A. baby December 21, 2008
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