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These are CD's containing the names and addresses and social security numbers and other identifers of those convicted of any conduct an extreme right wing, neofascist majority wishes to define as any sex offense. This is a specific category of humans targeted for sub-human treatment and status by a modern day lynch mob. Being seen naked by a peeping Tom or Toni, through your own window, could make you into a sex offender, and, thereafter, you will be equated with those who molest little children and then murder them. The issuance of the Megan's Law CD is to ensure and even encourage societal vigilanteeism and vengeance, while officially discouraging it with idle threats of prosecutions that will never be brought. Megan's Law is a societal overreaction to a horrible reality society is causing--sex offenders--and it a by-product largely of hysteria fanned by law enforcement and extreme right wing politicos who wish to capitalize on the climate of fear they say they will save you from with even harsher and more severe, Draconian, modern-day Blue Laws. The Megan's Law CD is the 21st Century equivalent of the Witch Hunts of Salem. It doesn't protect the public it only creates a niche for imposing targeted but condoned cruelty, often against marginalized citizens with severe health care needs but no real threat to society.
Nancy: Did you get your Megan's Law CD's information today?
Betty: Yeah, sure did, now I can go and get that sick pervert on the other side of town and destroy his life! I feel so powerful!
Nancy: What did he do?
Betty: Well, he's a sex offender, that must mean he raped a little infant and cut off her head, after torturing the poor thing for six months!
Nancy: Ah, well, he was, ah, arrested for indecent exposure--he was nekkid on his front lawn, tanked.
Betty: So what! That sick pervert! I want him slaughtered!
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
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