the only song in the undertale soundtrack
"make my megalovania, daddy drop0ff." "harder, sans undertale." "suicide v5 might happen." etc
by Dollyhn0ff September 9, 2018
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A person on a crazed killing spree in which the murderer always finishes it’s victims by making them dust.
Chara was Megalovania when fighting Sans.
by N806 June 6, 2019
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The universal theme used to indicate someone is about to have their ass handed to them.

Originally made by Toby Fox as a part of his Earthbound halloween hack in 2008 and later remastered in 2015 for Undertale, where it was the theme of Sans if the player chose to do a genocide route. It has been remixed at least a million times, but always seems to consist of the notes D D D A G# G F D F G.
Person 1: Your mom gay!
Person 2: U Wot M8 *Megalovania plays*
Person 1: *is absolutely wrecked*
by Alpha Nyx March 24, 2020
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Excessive alcohol. You can also say you are drinking megalovania Inca Kola as a replacement for saying alcohol!
*Alpharad drinks

Alpharad: “Megalovania!”
by Megalovania January 4, 2020
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The Megalovania Effect:
Any song that is modified by any means but majority to most of the modified songs still sounds really good. At this point, We can conclude Megalovania is the first to achieve that in human history.

*the one who came up with this is: TwoSling_Mappings on YouTube
Epic Gamer: Yooo y'know what's sick?

Epic Memer: What bro?

Epic Gamer: That no matter how much you edit megalovania to make it sound like shit, it stills sounds good!

Epic Memer: Oh, that's the megalovania effect, when no matter how much you change it, it still sounds good.

Epic Gamer: Ohhhh, I see, thanks bro!

Epic Memer: No problem bro.
by ꧁ я χ н α η _ ꧂ January 25, 2020
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The Megalovania Harp is a hidden set of notes found in the original Megalovania that is only audible while boosting certain parts of the song. When this idea was introduced to the SoundCloud Undertale community, the idea was insane. With further research, however, CharaGunner (the meme's discoverer) was proven correct.
Person 1: Did you hear the Megalovania Harp

Person 2:Yea it goes with the beat really well
by Naifraizer November 29, 2019
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