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A term usually used by a indian kid in middle school who is trying to be white but fails miserably. He acts like he is popular and flips his phone out every chance he gets while recording on Snapchat. He acts cool inform tof girl but deep down in his heart he feels a sudden pain and sadness because he is going to be sad at night knowing nobody will dance with him at homecoming
Rajesh: Bro, that’s mega tough!

Timmy: yea, dude let’s go skate some more!
by Slide sloot September 23, 2018
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When something is just to hard too realize, too hard to wrap your head around, too hard to comprehend. This is something is just that tough
Malcolm: *Misses Pool shot and sinks the cue ball into a pocket with just the 8 ball left*
Everyone else: That's Megatough
by :^0 June 29, 2018
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