Ugliest person you'll ever meet weird and always tries to get girls but girls always say no
by Angelica Dequina February 21, 2016
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The one and only greatest. Known as the best 👏 no one like him 👌
Hey why you claiming to be Jesus Medina?
Cause I'm the best 👌, greatest one and only Jesus Medina 👏
by awsomest May 16, 2014
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The act of having no father, or in some occasions being a homosexual. This is not something you want to be called.
Guy 1: man curry’s ass looked fine as hell last night.
Guy 2: whatever you say Jaden Medina.
by I 💔 dilfs February 18, 2022
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fat ass likes glizzys tiktoker also likes ya cut g
Jose medina eats glizzy
by Bruh781 November 6, 2020
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legendary drinking champ; a cool guy; from dah hood
Nicholas Medina: well it started w/ 5 shots of some 50% alcohol rum straight w/ no chaser, then a blunt w/ a dub of weed, then atleast 10 shots of tequila but i lost count so im betting it was more and then half a 4loko.

"nah chill son" - Nicholas Medina
by kate12930821 November 8, 2010
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the love of my life the person i cannot live without the person i want 2 spend the rest of my life with him
brian medina love
by jackie nance September 2, 2008
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