ben medina is the type of guy who would fuck a midget in the ass to make his small penis have a bigger impact.
i just ben medina’d that bitch
by yikeslol June 14, 2018
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Someone you definitely don't want to know let alone be friends with. Has the hair of golem from lord of the rings combined with a homeless John Wick. An unapologetically ugly soul with not even the slightest hint of class or wisdom.
Guy 1: Hey man wanna go to that party in the crack house?
Guy 2: Who's going?
Guy 1: a bunch Blake Medinas
Guy 2: Fuck no man! I'll see you later.
by FuckY'allNastyAssNobodies August 4, 2019
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Gamer, Likes ChildreBig Hatsune Miku fan, #1 Waifu is Sumi, Guilty Gear -STRIVE- player, Kinda cringe, Works at Burger King, Unworthy douche, Absolute pleb, MEGA CHAD, Sexually attracted to bananas XD. Has committed twelve war crimes in Saudia Arabia and committed first-degree murder.
Man "Orlando Alexis Medina" Really is a douche.
by Totalpleb December 7, 2021
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When a girl gets railed by her boyfriend and you eat her out afterwards.
I need The Medina after my one night stand
by Willyum June 23, 2022
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A stupid ass sea horse lookin ass v-shaped teeth and a vieja lookin ass.
Valerie Medina all around an ass of a girl.

Oh im a sea horse SHHEEEESSHH. gorda
by I AM ROJO March 17, 2017
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