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The meatball marinara is when a girl is on her rag (so naturally you dick isn't penetrating the vagin) so you bang her in the ass doggie style. Ass your balls slap of the chicks vagina they splash blood all over your sack. When you are done you have what looks like a Meatball Marinara
My wife was on her rag again so when I came home drunk and horny I proceeded to give her a meatball marinara
by cashing_asian December 17, 2009
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when you have sexual intercourse with a girl who is on her period and then when you "finish" she licks the blood off your balls, hence the term meatball marinara
Most guys usually dont get any when their girlfriend is on the rag, but Richie always gets a meatball marinara. Hes so lucky.
by Sarah Lambert July 01, 2008
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