An acronym referring to Mutual Estates
I was born and raised in the M.E.
by apvbrand March 30, 2021
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me you somebody anybody anyone someone person people
Person 1: me
Person 2: what
Person 3: even after the cheese incident hes still a numb nut
Person 1: me cause destruction to humanity
Person 2: um bye
Person 3: please wait
Person 1: die hahahaha
Person 4: wow
Person 1: me
via giphy
by COCACOLAESPUMA December 04, 2020
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he doesn't like rats

he was also been blocked by kim kardashian when he told this i love taylorswift13 and i think bout to stream her album Lover
then angelika was created fake account by him and calling to maxmud gay word and he doesn't feel well that son of bitch tires to steal my best childhood friend and she brainwashed her and calling me i am liar her name is angelika ann stawska that little rat bitch
by Maxmud October 12, 2020
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