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A Mclipo Meal is when McDonalds patrons get tableside liposuction while they eat their Super Size burgers and fries. They feel guilty about eating the burger and fries but are pleased to hear the lipo machine sucking out their fat as they gorge. Good for McDonalds becasue there is no more guilt for them or the customer. Customers then usually get up to 2-3 more Mclipo meals at one sitting and everyone's happy. Its fachionable too. You can get pink or blue suction tubes. The fat can be recycled too. They simply then add the fat to the french fry machine and everyone's happy.
Vrin: Man look at that woman. She's got 4 double cheeseburgers, 3 fries and 2 shakes.
Jadu: Dang. She's good to go though. She got the Mclipo Meal.
by jethrojones February 17, 2009
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