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A very very hard hood in the middle of ocala florida. a place where a lot of gangsta shit goes on and a lot of ppl get beat up. mcateer acres is also a place where we have absoulutly no fun gurls. the king ada hood is the cuban stallion and the prince of da hood is sasquatch also known as "crunk nigger" and the queen of the hood is olivia and the princess of the hood is jessica. in this hood we used to have many funn ppl and we used to do a lot of fun shit but nowadays everyone has moved out and there is only 5 tight ppl left. a new hood member is coming soon and her name is jennifer matias. the main source 4 entertaiment in mcateer acres nowadays is takin good long strolls to the kangaroo express aka the cornerstore up da road. dat place is the shit. also in mcateer acres all we ever pretty much do is work out every fucken day so if u live here u shud b in pretty good shape. there is also many gay lil fucken inside kids that never come out of their damn house so fuck them.
"a yo i dont think we shud fuck wit dat hard hood mcateer acres"

"yo cuban stallion lets go to the cornerstore"

"yo sasquatch lets workout"
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