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St. Catherine's School's own performing arts theatre. It has held productions for over 50 years, and has been led by Maury Hancock for quite some time. It has seen many members of Ampersand pass through its grand proscenium arch. Recently it has been host to such plays as Ring Around the Moon, The Childrens Hour, and the acclaimed You Can't Take It With You. Next in its schedule of productions are, Philadelphia Here I Come, and a play being written specifically for St. Catherine's School. The Order of the Tassel meets secretly on nights of productions in the shop yard.
Wanker #1: You know, I just spent 32 straight hours in McVey Theatre.
Techie/Actor:Wow, sounds fun.
Wanker #1:Yep.
by Wanker #1 January 30, 2005
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