mckenzie is a girl who will act nice to you to get her way. make you fall in love with her until she gets mad at you for no reason. she’s gorgeous has a fat ass and she cares about her friends until she gets rid of them. she is a lying cheater and should never be one to date. she will date you and move on to your best friend and still is cheating on you. she will ditch you for any boy at any time. never tells the truth and can’t be trusted. she will block you and she will screw you over and make you want to end it all. if your her friend and you introduced her to some of your friends she will make them block you or they won’t be able to date because she considers it cheating so say bye to your guy friends because she’s dating them all at the same time. if you can. stay away from a mckenzie. she will hurt you.
kyle: damn that mckenzie is hot as fuck
tommy: that’s my girl friend
joey: no that’s my girlfriend
*boys go up to mckenzie*

tommy and joey: “hey babe”
mckenzie: “who are you im single” *walks away a nervous wreck*
by ilovenuggss July 02, 2019
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