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Double meaning: A foul and compulsive liar of epic proportions. Also synonymous with shit. Named so after Ontario's Premier Dalton McGuinty who have broken every single one of his election promises for the last 8 years and yet has the nerves to continue to lie for a third term.
Excuse me sir but your dog just McGuinty'd on my lawn. Could you so kindly clean it up?

Dude, I took the biggest McGuinty this morning and was late for work.

Son, I was awake when you came home late last night so don't try to McGuinty me!
by Corruption_Hater August 25, 2011
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Last name of a circus sideshow and carnival attraction immortalized in "The Jerk", by the name of Darwin "Iron Balls" McGuinty. According to legend his nuts were bitten off by a rabid and psychotic groundhog in the late 1970s, and he was then fitted with a pair of iron testicles. His current gimmick is that in the sideshows and carnivals anyone who kicks or punches him in the balls and manages to make him double over gets $100, or $200 if he actually goes down to his knees. No one yet has ever gotten the money. Currently resides in West Virginia.
Iron Balls McGuinty has never once gone down in his career; too bad he had to be assaulted by Bucky the Killer Groundhog to be a star.
by Ron Dunderfunk September 04, 2011
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It East Coast slang for the Shocker. It is the romantic act of inserting two fingers in the Vag, and then slyly sneaking the pinky into the ass to create that romantic moment you have been missing. To perform this procedure properly, your ring finger should be comfortably rested against the taint.
After we lit the candles, had dinner and listened to some Kenny G, I enhanced the evening by introducing her to my old friend McGuinty
by BBlanc March 05, 2009
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- noun

1. An individual, found in a group of others, who does not have anything to offer or does not bring anything to the "team".

2. A person who only thinks about themselves.
- "Man, you've never pitched for gas once. You're a such a McGuinty!"

- "Dude, you grabbed yourself a beer and I said that I needed one too. You're such a McGuinty!"

- Dalton McGuinty (Premier of Ontario, Canada)
by Harvey Mushman April 03, 2010
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