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The McGill Ghetto is found in downtown Montreal, East of McGill campus, where the coolest students live. While hipsters try and live East of the Ghetto (anything past Parc towards St Laurent does not count as the ghetto) because cheaper rent = ability to buy skinny jeans and tie dye shirts, all normal McGillians reside within the 4 corners of the Ghetto, consisting of: Sherbrooke/Parc, Sherbrooke/University, University/Pine, Pine/Parc. Please note living on streets Hutchison, Durocher, and Aylmer is preffered. Lorne is a bit sketchy but will pass also.
Guy picking up girl at Tokyo: Cool lets go to my place, i live in the McGill Ghetto!

Chick: Right on, we're on Aylmer! Let me grab my bff, we can have a big orgy!

Guy: Alright sure, ill grab my friend too, hes not my roomate but he lives close enough, on Peel.

Chick: Peel? Euh...nvm, go hit on somebody else, creep.
by zeropower February 20, 2010
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