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That one asshole that you meet in the drive thru when you order 15 Big Macs and all that he gives you is 2 napkins and 5 ketchup packets and the douchbag says have a nice day so you flick him off.
McDouch: Hello sir I mean mam here is your order.
Customer: uh thanks sir.
McDouch: Your welcome mam.
(In Private)
Customer: What the fuck man he gave me 2 napkins and 5 ketchup packets. I'm going to go order again inside. What a douchy McDonalds Drive-Thru
(Customer goes inside)
Customer: Hey I'll take 15 Big Macs to go.
McDouch: Here you go sir I mean mam. That will be 20 bucks.
Customer: Ugh ok here.
McDouch: Thanks mam.
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by Dead Whiteman March 25, 2017
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