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The inevitable feeling that follows the initial "Mc high" after finishing any meal from Mcdonald's.

Symptoms may include, boredom, bloatedness, a lack of enthusiasm towards anything and borderline depression.

John: "Hey steve wanna come outside? It's a beautiful day."

Steve: "Eh Maybe later, I have Mc Melancholy"


John: "Hey were all going out to the movies do you want to join us?"

Steve: " Eh, Sorry, i don't really feel like it i have Mc Melancholy."

Eg: 3

John: "Hey steve I am so sorry to hear about your mothers accident, I can give you a lift to the hospital.."

Steve: "Eh i cant really go now, I have Mc Melancholy"

John: "....Seek help Steve..."
by Captain_InsanoΒΏ July 11, 2009
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