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Known for its 0-60 in 34 seconds and shitty body. Usually comes in the worst colors known to man. Booger green, Menstrual red, Dirt white, and the worst of all beige. Engine is powered by 50 gerbals. With its infamous 3 cylinder engine. Often compared to the geo prizm, and mountain dew bottle. Never working ac, radio, cd player, lights, even seat belt. Know the most annoying rattling a single car can make. brand new brakes will sound like nails to a chalkboard. and dont forget the emergency brake will never work. The car chooses if they wanna roll down the windows.
Im driving my mazda protege on a normal day and notice that a tire has flown past my car only 2 miles passed that i noticed that was my tire.
by Hoopty Handlers October 16, 2008
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A P.O.S. car in which the check engine light is always blinking and doesn't pass smog. Sometimes it shakes when you start it, or sometimes it doesn't even start at all. Crack in windshield, and broken passenger side mirror.
Person 1: "When is Savannah going to show up?"
Person 2: "We might have to pick her up, you know she drives a Mazda Protege."
by Savannah D June 13, 2008
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