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Maulana Whisky is the name given to Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi a fat ass obese hate preacher/cleric who disgracefully appeared drunk live on air preaching sermons from the Quran in a very jolly and inebriated manner. He has a history of alcohol related issues and somehow still manages to remain the chairman of the Ulema Council using religion and Islam.
Some have suggested Maulana Whisky hypocrisy and politics is paid for by corrupt politicians. Maulana Whisky is larger than life, bespectacled, wears long traditional Islamic robes with a beard and very loud he is known for a big mouth and pulling exaggerated mouth expressions due to missing bottom teeth and often shrieks when shouting. He looks like an animated caricature of the improvisational comedian Mike McShane.
Maulana Whisky title was originally given to Maulana Kausar Niazi from the PPP in the early 1970's.
Reporter: β€œMaulana Whisky is out on the prowl in Jhelum againβ€œ
Party host: β€œSingle or double Maulana Whisky?”
Party host: β€œSharabi Wahhabi Aur Maulana Whisky?”
by Cricket Buff December 19, 2014
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